Christmas Now and Then: Next Stop

By Calvary (other events)

8 Dates Through Dec 10, 2023

If you’d like to choose your seats, purchase from a laptop or desktop! If you’d like our system to auto generate the best available seats {chosen by us!}, buy from any device!


Christmas Now & Then is the annual Christmas production of Calvary Assembly in Decatur, AL. For over 20 years people from all across North Alabama and the surrounding areas have counted Christmas Now & Then as one of their favorite family traditions.
Come and experience the MAGIC of Christmas "Now" with Santa, Frosty and all of the Christmas Toys that you have come to love. Then watch in awe and wonder as you experience the MAJESTY of Christmas Then as you are taken back over 2000 years to witness one of the most powerful depictions of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ


Q: Can I choose my own seats?

A: The choose your own seat feature is available on the desktop version of the site only. Mobile versions do not have that option.


Q: I bought tickets but now don't need all of them, can I have a refund? 

A: Unfortunately we use a third party ticketing company and cannot offer refunds. You may donate or gift the tickets you no longer need/want.

Q: Are masks required?

A: Masks are not required


Q: Do I need to buy tickets for children 3 and under?

A: Children 3 and under that are sitting on your lap do not need a ticket.


Mailing Address

4839 Calvary Blvd Tanner, AL 35671